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JEM Technical Expands Manufacturing Capabilities

JEM Technical’s recent purchase of an additional horizontal milling machine gives way to their laser-focused approach to providing the most efficient solution for their customers. While many manufacturers will point to outside factors as a cause of increased lead times and decreased workflow, JEM is investing in its operations to fulfill customer orders quicker and more effectively than ever before.

The new Makino a61NX 4-Axis Horizontal Mill will be the tenth horizontal mill within their operations. This new machine will allow operators to handle more jobs with increased lights out capacity, in addition to increasing pallet capacity for this horizontal machine cell by 60%. Fully functioning, this newest addition will add over 100 hours a week of capacity to handle new customer opportunities.

“The new Makino is certain to make a difference in multiple ways,” said Andrew DeRung, director of sales and marketing.  “Primarily, we will be using it to add to our capacity for manufacturing valve blocks for the ductile material jobs that we have been running in high volume.”

Looking to the future, JEM is choosing to be responsive to its customers’ changing needs. The new Makino a61NX 4-Axis Horizontal Mill is sure to be an asset in helping JEM provide responsive solutions to those relying on them worldwide.


About JEM Technical, Inc.

JEM Technical is a fluid power systems integrator for original equipment manufacturers and industrial applications. JEM designs and manufactures custom valve manifolds that include industry-leading cartridge valves and electronics which are also available independently through authorized distribution territories in the United States and Canada.

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