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As stewards of the home building and construction industry in Darke, Greene, Montgomery, Preble, and Warren counties, we feel it is important to provide an accurate analysis of the current state of the home building industry. Our region is experiencing an unprecedented increase of construction and demand for housing. We take our mission to deliver high quality homes and experiences extremely serious.

We are experiencing extended lead times from all vendors, unchecked inflation, lack of inventory without the ability to provide proper ETA’s, a shortage in skilled labor force, and shipping dates that can change drastically at any time.  If you are building a home or are contemplating building a home, there has never been a worse time to be in a hurry.  Our hope is to help realign expectations with our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience you may have or will experience during this time.

1. Your project is going to take longer to complete.  Rush orders/fees no longer exist.

2.  Many products and services are delayed or unavailable and alternatives are few.

3. Prices are constantly changing and hard to determine exactly.  At best, pricing is accurate for short periods of time.

4.  There is a high demand of consumers competing for a low supply of skilled industry professionals.

All good relationships are based on trust, hard work, communication, and common ground. If you have already started a project and these are the fundamentals of yours and your contractor’s relationship, we highly suggest staying the course and understanding the difficult market we are in currently. 

We are eager, poised, and actively working to better meet your needs and exceed your expectations in the future. 

Thank you,
Home Builders Association of Dayton