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Please join ISD in partnership with ESA and FPDA for the first Joint Sales Workshop: Thriving in a Changing Landscape. The virtual program will be on April 15, 2021, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. EST and will officially replace the ISD Spring Tech Event, due to COVID-19. We are joined by sales management experts, Jim Pancero (President, Jim Pancero Inc.) and Paul Reilly (President, Tom Reilly Training). They will present on value-added selling and how to increase your sales in today's new reality.

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Thank you for attending the 2020 (Virtual) Spring Tech Event

ISD would like to thank Eagle Elastomer, ACE Products & Testing and those individuals who presented for the 2020 event for helping make this program a success.  

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Spring Tech EventSpring Tech Member Sponsors: 

Eagle Elastomer
ACE Products & Testing

This event was free to members. 


This powerful program connects technical experts with members who want to hear about the latest technologies and product developments.  Designed as a short, intensive educational conference, with time built in for networking and meaningful small group discussion and dialogue, participants can create their own schedule based on the presentations confirmed and described below.

Day 1

Watch the ISD Virtual Spring Tech Event: Day 1


New Technology - Silicone & Rubber (Erick Sharp)

New Technology - Fluoroelastomer Compounds (John Allen)

New Technology - Nano Filters & Carbonates (Frank Pappas)

Rubber Expansion Joint: Basic Applications to Advanced Solutions (Lloyd Aanonsen)

Failures and Testing (Doug Foster)


Day 2 

Watch the ISD Virtual Spring Tech Event: Day 2


Presentation:  XRG (Extra Recovery Gasket)(Robert Taylor)

Presentation: Online Digital Service for Fabricators (Christopher Morris)

Presentation: Comparison of O-Rings, X-Rings and Multiseals (Dan Meydell)

Eagle Elastomer Micro Presentations 

  -  Steps to Ensuring Cyber Security (Charlie Christie)

  -  Business Activity Monitoring, Alerting & Automation (Neil McHale)

  -  Manufacturing Safety Initiatives (Zach Sutliff)

From Past Spring Tech Event Attendees:

"I found the Spring Tech 2019 to be a great and informative experience.   I was able to network and meet some key technical people with many of our current sources/vendors. It is always great to get back into the plants to see the actually processes in action.  The host, PAI, made the experience very educational and informative from compound selection to finished product."

"I wasn't sure if coming to the Tech event a second year in a row would be worth it, but I learned as much this year as I did last year.  It just keeps getting better.” 
“I had to say there were many of the subjects presented that I knew much of the subject matter on.  However, it was presented it such a concise and clear manner that I really want to take the same presentations and share with the rest of our staff.”
“Great event and great presenters with still plenty of time for networking, excellent!” 

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