About Us

The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) is the national professional association for medical group managers and physicians engaged in medical group administration. This national organization has over 15,000 members representing over 6,000 medical groups. Through ongoing educational programs and consultative services, the MGMA is making a substantial contribution to improve the management expertise of their members.

The Medical Group Management Association is represented at the state level through the Kentucky Medical Group Management Association (KMGMA).  National, state, and local chapters of MGMA are affiliated but separate.  Started in 1976, KMGMA has grown to include members from all over the state and hosts two state-wide meetings each year.

Members are primarily administrators & managers of medical practices, clinics, large & small group practices, and free-standing, hospital-affiliated and university affiliated medical groups.

Active Membership shall be held by one who is a member in executive capacity of the administrative staff and who participates in the business affairs of a group practice or a solo practice and is otherwise eligible for membership in the national Medical Group Management Association.

Business Partner may be a person or an organization that does not fall under Article III as a group practice provider. They shall be interested in carrying out the provisions of these bylaws and the delivery of health care to individuals. (Example, but not limited to payer vendor, consultant or health plan representatives, etc.).