NFBA 2019 Safety Awards - Builder Application

NFBA 2019 Safety Awards - Builder Application


Applicants must be active member companies of NFBA and must have a written safety program.

Entry Submission

Complete the appropriate application form (this form is to be used by builder companies: a separate form is available for supplier companies). Incomplete applications and those not accompanied by payment of the application fee will not be considered.
E-mail any questions to
Mail checks to:
7250 Poe Ave., Suite 410
Dayton, OH 45414

Application Fee

A nonrefundable fee of $100 must be submitted with the application. All checks should be made payable to NFBA and mailed to:
7250 Poe Ave., Suite 410
Dayton, OH 45414

Deadline Extension

Applications must be received on or before December 11, 2019


Applicants will be judged by 2-3 members of the NFBA Safety Committee and by NFBA's legal counsel.


All information provided in this application will be kept in strict confidence. The information in Section 1, and any reference to a specific company in any part of this application, will be omitted from the materials submitted to the judges from the NFBA Safety Committee (the only person able to connect an application with a particular company is NFBA's legal counsel). NFBA reserves the right to publish any innovative safety ideas gleaned from the entries for the good of the industry. However, any company-specific information on accident and injury statistics, and any information identified by the applicant as a proprietary, will be kept in confidence by the NFBA's legal counsel.

Assessment and Recognition

All applications will be graded and participants will receive a confidential comprehensive report from NFBA's legal counsel on behalf of the judging committee assessing their program. All companies will receive a certificate of participation and those achieving platinum, gold, silver, or bronze status will be recognized at the 2020 Frame Building Expo in Des Moines, IA; platinum-level companies will receive a recognition plaque.

More Information

Specific questions may be directed to Gary W. Auman, NFBA Legal Counsel, by e-mailing or by calling NFBA at: 800.557.6957


Please supply the requested information about your company. Complete and accurate information will help the judges make their determination and will ensure that your company receives appropriate consideration. Attach additional pages if needed. Please include only the attachments requested

Section 1: General Information

Company Name
Contact Name
Street Address
Zip Code
Phone Number

Section 2: Company Safety Program

1. When and how do you train your employees on your company's safety program and how do you ensure compliance with your safety program on a daily basis?
2. Describe your company's fall-protection program and the related training protocols. (If you use more than one method of fall protection, describe each method used and the related training protocols.)
3. Describe the program your company uses to identify and train your competent person to ensure that the trained competent person either is assigned to each job site or visits each job site frequently and regularly.
4. Do you have a safety enforcement program? (Yes/No)
If so, describe the program in detail.
5. Does your company have a program relating to the use of personal protective equipment (PPE)? (Yes/No)
If so, describe your PPE hazard assessment, training and auditing program.
6. Do you have in place a drug-free/alcohol-free workplace policy? (Yes/No)
If so, how is it administered, and what actions are taken if an employee tests postitive for drugs or alcohol?
7. Describe your program that addresses the hazards of distracted driving and distracted working.
8. Does your company have a heat-stress safety program? (Yes/No)
If so, please describe the program.
By checking this, you agree to being charged a $100 application fee, which can be paid online or sent by mail.
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