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The All-New NFBA Post-Frame Building Design Manual

The second edition of the Post-Frame Building Design Manual—the first new edition since 2000—is the ultimate resource for post-frame design. Eight chapters, 200 pages, and hundreds of photos, diagrams, illustrations, and design tables cover everything you need to know about designing with post frame.

Chapters Include:
Chapter 1 – Introduction to Post-Frame Buildings
Chapter 2 – Building Regulations
Chapter 3 – Structural Load and Deflection Criteria
Chapter 4 – Structural Design Overview
Chapter 5 – Post and Pier Foundation Design
Chapter 6 – Diaphragm Design
Chapter 7 – Metal-Clad Wood-Frame Diaphragm Properties
Chapter 8 – Post Design
The Post-Frame Building Design Manual is a must-have for anyone who works with—or is considering working with—post-frame construction.

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