2019 NFBA Building of the Year


All completed forms and supporting materials must reach NFBA by Monday, January 10th, 2020.
All photo submissions should be sent via email to marwood@nfba.org with the email subject line to read, 'Building of the Year Photo Submission'. Please send high resolution .jpg, .png, or .eps file types.
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The 2019 Contest

The 2019 Building of the Year consists of 24 award categories plus a Judge's Award.
NFBA's redesigned awards program allows builder member companies to compete against builder member companies of comparable size. Each of the 12 main award categories has two divisions: (1) builders who belong to the NFBA membership categories of $0-6 million in an annual gross volume, and (2) builders who belong to the NFBA membership categories of over $6 million in annual gross volume. (NFBA will validate all entries by confirming the company's membership category.) Winners in both divisions of all categories receive equal recognition and benefits.

Building Categories

Categories are:
COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS (under 5,000 sq. ft.)*
COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS (5,000-10,000 sq. ft.)*
COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS (over 10,000 sq. ft.)*
HORSE BARNS/FACILITIES (under 5,000 sq. ft.)
HORSE BARNS/FACILITIES (5,000 sq. ft. and over)
RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS (homes, apartments, other single- or multifamily dwellings)
INSTITUTIONAL BUILDINGS (churches, schools, nonprofit organization offices, government buildings, or other public buildings)
RETROFITTED/REMODELED BUILDINGS (renovation or remodeling of existing buildings)
SUBURBAN GARAGES (residential garages only)
Please select the one award category your entry best qualities for:
Please Select Annual Gross Volume of the Builder Company:
Note: The judges reserve the right to move an entry into a category that is, in their view, a better fit for the entry.
*Commercial buildings include retail establishments such as shops, stores, repair shops, hotels, motels, warehouse, and retail outlets. You may enter industrial buildings on the Commercial Buildings category; however, do not enter commercial buildings in that category if they fit in a more specific category such as Agricultural Storage/Workshops or Institutional Buildings.

Judges Award

Participants may not submit entries for the Judge's Award. The judges will select an exceptional entry that they believe deserves special recognition, and that has not won first place in any other category. All participants' entries will be considered for the Judge's Award.

Part Two

Post size:Post Spacing:
Post type (solid sawn, nail-laminated, or glulam) :
Wood preservatives type/level (above ground):
Ground Contact:
Foundation type (embedded, thickened slab edge, or concrete pier):
Insulation types (foam or Batt) and R-values:
Roof framing (2x trusses, timber trusses, or rafters):
Truss/rafter clear span:
Purlin size, spacing, and orientation (flat or on edge):
Wall girt size, spacing, and orientation (flat or on edge):
Wall sheathing type and thickness:
Roof sheathing type and thichness:
Total cost, exclusive of land (site prep, structural work, architectural finishes and details, and utilities):
Cost per sq. ft.:
Size of the building:Width Length Height Total sq. footage
Exterior finish description:
Interior finish description:
Date construction started (site preparation done)(DD-MM-YYYY):
Date construction completes (owner was able to take possesion)(DD-MM-YYYY):
Construction time (number of days):
Sustainability, if applicable (LEED, Energy Star, or Green Globe certification):
Please use this section to describe your Building of the Year entry, and be as specific as possible in the space provided. Winners' information will be used in a press release, and at the awards ceremony.
1. Building use, importance, and newsworthiness: Please describe how the building will be used. Why is it important? How is it newsworthy?
2. Unique features: what are the building's unique features that make it deserving of recognition? These may incude (but are not limited to) construction techniques, materials, design features, environmental impact, and innovative design.
3. Post-frame advantage: What role did post-frame construction play in this project? Why was post-frame construction chosen over other construction types (e.g. steel-frame construction)?
4. Additional information: Provide the manufacturer's name and specific products used for the building components listed below.
Unique Features:
5. Building owner's full name:
Address line 1:
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Photo and Testimonial Release Form

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By checking this box, I agree that the building owner of this project has granted permission for me to submit this entry in the NFBA Building of the Year contest. By checking this box I am also giving permission to the National Frame Building Association, its agents, successors, clients, and purchasers of its services, to use my name, testimonials, images (whether print, digital, motion, or television), submitted documents, and other material, in any legal manner whatsoever.

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