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Coaches- I hope it you are settled into the 2018-2019 school year and
off to a good start. Baseball planning is under way for the 2019
I know you have heard me talk about the National High School Baseball
Coaches Association. I started with the BCA 25 years ago and have met
some of the best coaches in the country who I keep in contact with
regularly. I have found great value in being a member of this
national organization and many of our district and state coaches have
benefited from being a member as well. I am hoping that each of you
will join this year and become a member as well as attend the clinic
in St. Louis. If you cannot attend, please consider joining today
and invest in your coaching career. If you have any questions always
feel free to contact me. We want to put Ohio Baseball Coaches on the
map as the number one coaches association and with your membership we
can make that happen.

Go online at www.baseballcoaches.org. Click forms and you can
register there or I have attached an application for you to send in if
would rather go that way.

Thanks so much and I encourage you to join with the other Ohio coaches
and those across the country. Membership dues for the year are only
$50 and make checks out to NHSBCA.

Thanks again.
Tim Saunders
BCA Executive Director

2018-2019 BCA Membership Form

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