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Ed Yates (Adena) and Lennie Conrad (Lancaster) will be inducted into the Southeastern Ohio High School Baseball Coaches Association Coaches Hall of Fame. They make up the class of 2010 and will be inducted in June between the district All Star Game at the VA Stadium in Chillicothe. Congratulations to Ed and Lennie.

District Coaches vote to pay fees for SE Mizuno Players

The Southeastern District baseball Coaches voted and approved for the district to pay the fee for any player from the Southeast District who participates in the Mizuno All Ohio Series starting with players in 2010. The district will pay the fee for these players, the Series takes place at the VA Stadium in Chillicothe, the weekend of June 11th and 12th 2010.

Scholarship Fund Established

The Southeastern District baseball Coaches voted and approved for the district to start a scholarship fund and award for sons and daughters of coaches from the South East District. See the form for more details.

Victory Awards

Victory awards certificates form is available now see form for more details.

Meeting and Membership Information

A coach must attend 3 out of the 5 meetings and pay the $32 dues in order to have voting privileges at the end of the season for all district and Mizuno.~ You must be a member of the OHSBCA also.

a. District All-Star Game: TBA (See Below for Game Time)

b. Fall Scheduling meeting: September 2009

c. State Clinic: 1/22/2010

d. Sectional Drawing 5/2/2010: Jackson High School 1:00 PM

e. All District Selection 5/16/10: Wellston High School 2:00 PM

News and Information

If you have any field improvements, college signings, or new information please send it to Trevor Thomas at or Gene Bumgardner at

2010 Hall of Fame Inductees

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