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NW District News Oct 2013


Just a few updates from a couple of meetings this past week that you may find interesting.

First, from the OHSBCA Board meeting last Sunday,  don’t forget to submit your membership forms for you and your coaches. Remember that only schools, players and coaches that are from the membership are eligible for state rankings, All-Ohio awards, Mizuno, etc. This form and clinic registration information is on the OHSBCA website below, check it often for updates. The clinic is January 16-18 and once again will feature many quality speakers.


Second, from my meeting with the Northwest Ohio District Athletic Board on Monday the main issue  addressed was the possibility of NW Ohio moving to top-seed host opening round of sectional tournament play in baseball.  My understanding is that financial considerations are the driving force behind this issue as many districts in Ohio (all but 2 of us I think) use “top-seed host”.  I know there are many who thought the Board had already made up their mind but I was assured that this was not the case and that they truly were looking from input from our membership. Thank you to all you guys who emailed your concerns to me and each member of the NWDAB received and reviewed your specific concerns. Opinions from our membership were varied as you might expect with guys wanting to keep “neutral” sites and others favoring “top-seed host”. I have no idea what the Board will decide but I wanted to make sure they knew that baseball is not like football when it comes to host facilities and scheduling as you all know. When asked if I thought they would be able to successfully implement “top-seed” host this spring I told them that I thought it would be difficult for many reasons:

  1. The quick turn-around time for a #1 seed to get their facility/A.D./Coach ready to host if this is something they are not used to, or may not even want to, host.
  2. Some facilities are not tournament ready, i.e. the ability to collect a gate, concessions, restrooms, parking, tournament workers, field preparation, field quality, etc.  (Would much of this work fall on the head coach who would also be trying to get ready for the game as well?)
  3. Will “top-seed host” affect voting at seed meetings? Will some coaches vote relative to where they want to play (or don’t want to play) instead of a possibly deserving team?
  4. Keeping “neutral” sites as we all know isn’t always “neutral”. Should teams that had a great year earn the right to have a first round home game?  Several other districts in Ohio currently use this method successfully.
  5. Where would the 2nd game of a sectional be played if a lower seed defeated the higher seed? Neutral site, higher seed, top bracket, etc.)
  6. It was suggested that the athletic directors in NW Ohio be polled on this issue to see if it’s even something they would want to or be willing to do.

So..long story short, we will see what they decide to do if anything. Thanks and take care.

Chad Spencer