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East District News

East District Fall Meeting 11/3/13

 Field Improvements:

Dover- Mound Rebuilt, new scoreboard

Garaway- New bleachers, new backstop

Hiland- new infield dirt

Tri Valley- irrigation

Tuskey Valley- new fence

West Muskingum- new infield dirt and brick dust, new batting cage

Barnesville- completely redone field


New Head Coaches:

Zanesville Rosecrans- Gage Lotozo

New Philadelphia- Phil Tidrick

West Holmes- Tyler Renner


2013 Coaches of the Year:

Div. I/II    Kevin Yoder, Tri Valley

Div. III     Sonny Bidwell, Fort Frye

Div.IV      Jeff Frondriest, T.C.C


2013 Scholarship Winners:

Tyler Owens, Toronto

Hayden Cantrell, Coshocton

Daniel Sensabaugh, Tri Valley

Zach Keesee, Ridgewood


Eastern Disrtict Hall of Fame:

Brad Wilson, Barnesville

Rod Linsay, Riverview

Fred Heatherington, Steubenville

Dave DiDonato, Indian Valley

Curt Hensley, Carrolton

Jim Shamel, Coshocton


New Eastern District Hall of Fame Inductees:

Bill Beatie, Edison North

Matt Morrison, Toronto