OOA Files Another Amicus Brief to Support Tort Reform

The Ohio Osteopathic Association, Ohio Hospital Association and Ohio State Medical Association have filed another amicus brief with the Ohio Supreme Court, in a case involving “billed v. paid” charges.  

In Moretz v. Muakkassa, the Summit County appeals court affirmed the trial court’s decision to exclude evidence showing what insurers had actually paid the provider because the defendant did not produce an expert witness to say the “paid” amount was “reasonable.”  

The statute, RC 2317.42.1, says a “written bill or statement” shall be “prima-facie evidence of the reasonableness of any charges and fees stated therein.” The associations previously made an amicus appearance in Robinson v. Bates.  The Supreme Court in that case ruled that juries could consider the difference between billed charges and what was actually paid to the provider when deciding monetary awards.