Medicare Conversion to 5010 Format Set for August 1

If your office has not yet converted from the 4010A1, effective August 1, 2012,  the Medicare Fee-For-Service (FFS) program will automatically convert electronic remittance advice to the X12 Version 5010 format. 

If the computer software your office is using to open/translate the electronic remittance advice is not ready for this conversion, your staff may not be able to open and review payments, adjustments, and denials or post payments to patient accounts.

If you use a vendor, clearinghouse, or billing service and experience problems with the new format, you MUST contact your vendor, clearinghouse, or billing service first before contacting CGS Medicare.

Providers should be advised that any billing staff or representatives that make inquiries on his/her behalf will need a copy of the remittance advice.