Post AOA Match Available to Help Students Still Looking for Residency Slots

Osteopathic medical students who did not match with an osteopathic program can use a a  free Post-Match online service to search for unfilled residency slots.

Initiatied last year by the American Osteopathic Association the site allows students to search for available training slots during the post-match period. AOA programs also may choose to advertise available training slots using this service.  

Since the 2013 Osteopathic Match results were released, Feb. 11, the Post-Match Service has had 18,201 individual searches during the past month.  In addition, 187 programs have advertised 748 positions since Jan. 1, and at least 181 trainees were hired so far into these posted slots.

More detailed information on all AOA programs can be found on the AOA Opportunities website.  Students in need of assistance or advice should contact the AOA at (800) 621-1773, ext. 8074 or