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About Optus Bank:

Optus Bank is a fast-growing unique financial institution focused on creating wealth building opportunities for people and places historically underserved by traditional banks while also providing competitive and complementary banking services to all people in South Carolina and beyond. Optus Bank believes that banking services should be a powerful tool for wealth building opportunities for all people, regardless of their socioeconomic status. To realize that vision, Optus Bank is expanding into new markets and new lines of business and growing its team with people that share its values and entrepreneurial spirit.


The BSA Officer (“the officer”) is primarily responsible for fulfilling the requirements of Subchapter II of Chapter 53 of Title 31, United States Code, and the implementing regulations promulgated there under by the Department of the Treasury, 31 CFR Chapter X and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation while also playing a key role in delivering banking services and products to customers and businesses.

Essential Functions

  • The BSA Officer is also charged with responsibility for compliance with Bank Secrecy Act, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements, and Customer Identification Program (CIP) administration responsibilities, as mandated by the USA PATRIOT Act.
  • The BSA Officer shall develop and/or provide for the continued administration of a program reasonably designed to assure and monitor compliance with recordkeeping and reporting requirements.
  • The BSA Officer shall provide for a system of internal controls to assure ongoing compliance and shall also: establish policy as it relates to exemptions; review all applications for exemptions; set up a review system for all current exemptions, to see if they warrant being exempt or if their business has changed in any way.
  • The BSA Officer shall establish policy as it relates to currency transaction reports and review all currency transaction reports prior to submitting to FinCEN, or assign duty to assistant.
  • The BSA Officer shall provide for annual independent testing for compliance to be conducted by financial institution personnel or by an outside party, working closely with that party, and monitor cash flow trends at all branches.
  • The BSA Officer may designate an individual or individuals along with the BSA Officer to be responsible for coordinating and monitoring day-to-day compliance at all branches.
  • The BSA Officer shall coordinate training for all personnel appropriate to his or her responsibilities. The training will be on a regular basis for all personnel who have customer contact where they need to know proper procedures under the BSA and the USA PATRIOT Act, including OFAC and AML provisions. All new personnel who will be involved with cash handling will be trained prior to having customer contact, and the quality of training will be monitored at all times. Changes in the laws and regulations will be monitored and communicated to all appropriate personnel. A record of each training session, the content and the individuals participating will be kept. Individuals not participating in a training session will be required to make the session up at a later date.
  • The BSA Officer will be responsible for ensuring that all unresolved breaches in policy and procedures along with discrepancies in auditing shall be reported to the CEO/President and/or Board of Directors at once.
  • The BSA Officer shall review all new products, services, mergers, and acquisitions prior to implementation to determine whether additional BSA procedures are needed.

Supervisory Responsibility

This position is responsible for the management of other employees, including a BSA Analyst and Assistant BSA Officer.

Position Type/Expected Hours of Work
This is a full-time position. Days and hours of work are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with a one-hour lunch break. This position may require occasional evening and weekend work as needed.

Required Education and Experience

Bachelor’s degree

Five years of banking experience; OR · Equivalent combination of experience, training and/or education

Five years of banking experience in the BSA, Fraud or compliance field

Experienced Knowledge of BAM+

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