Originator Compliance Review

Nacha requires all Originators to be bound by Nacha Rules as a standard component of every ACH agreement. But do Originators really understand their responsibilities as a key participant in the ACH Network? Staff turnover is a constant obstacle to providing a consistent rules compliant environment. If the Originator is not following Nacha Rules and Guidelines, they could be putting both the originating company and the ODFI at risk. Southern Financial Exchange can help identify areas of misunderstanding and put the Originator on the path that can protect both the Originator and their ODFI from inherent risks that exist in the ACH Network. A Southern Financial Exchange ACH expert will provide an examination of compliance with the Nacha Operating Rules including a review of authorization processes and procedures related to payments origination. The Originator Compliance Review will provide an assessment for each facet of ACH operations. The Originator Compliance Review service is designed to: help you manage risk and minimize losses, ensure compliance with Nacha Operating Rules and Guidelines / Regulations and enhance ACH quality and customer satisfaction.

The Southern Financial Exchange Originator Compliance Review includes:

  • Prior to and onsite checklists
  • Client questionnaire
  • Review of sound business practices and internal controls
  • Review of agreements and authorizations
  • Exit meeting
  • Written report including findings and/or recommendations
  • Access to auditor for questions


Tip: Schedule early to ensure availability, efficient preparation time and to avoid additional charges.