Family and Youth Outreach Minister

Faith Lutheran Church

Purpose of the Family and Youth Outreach Minister (FYOM)

The person in this position will be responsible for youth and family ministry within the congregation and outreach activities in the Whitehall community. This individual will be responsible for developing and implementing ways for the congregation to connect with the people living within the immediate neighborhood of the church. The individual will initiate conversations with representatives from city and school organization, neighborhood groups and other individuals wishing to engage in conversations regarding the needs of the Whitehall community. The FYOM will work with the congregation to utilize this input for the purpose of identifying and developing programming that helps meet the needs discovered.

Position Responsibilities

1. Plan, conduct, coordinate, evaluate, and select and provide resources for the church’s ministry to youth.
2. Develop programming for various groups in the congregation, specifically youth and families, and implement utilizing the gifts of members of the congregation.
3. Develop relationships and maintain regular communications with parents of participating youth.
4. Work directly with the pastor, Spiritual Growth and Outreach Board to organize activities.
5. Meet with the pastor twice a month; file regular reports with the Spiritual Growth and Outreach Board.
6. Participate in an aspect of worship leadership at least once a month.
7. Regularly attend worship at Faith.
8. Be available to teach classes.
9. Participate in BREAD events, attend Whitehall City Council meetings and other local functions (PTA, civic) that may be deemed important to the successful functioning of the job.

Position Skill Sets

1. Organization skills: advanced preparation, attention to detail, record keeping
2. Communication skills: written, verbal; social media usage a plus
3. Interpersonal relations: group, individual
4. Attitude: approachable, empathetic, responsive to suggestions
5. Problem-solving skills: identification of problems, evaluation of possible solutions
6. Decision-making skills: appropriate judgment, follow-through as required

Position Time Commitment

This individual will be expected to work 15 hours per week, with the understanding that the number of hours worked may be adjusted between weeks, depending upon seasonal responsibilities and time-sensitive events.

Salary: $12/hour

Additional Position Details: When possible, the FYOM will be available to help with youth and family ministries that are established particularly for members of the congregation, but the individual’s primary responsibility will be to develop programming that serves non-members. It is expected that this individual will be a practicing Christian.

Position Supervision: The position is under the direct supervision of the pastor.

Contact: Larry Allen, or 614-226-4061