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Qualified Charitable Distributions are just one way to make sure your savings goes where you want it to!

Did you know that if you are 70½ or older, you can make a charitable gift directly from your IRA to your favorite ELCA ministry? In fact, the new tax laws make that even easier to do!

Our synod Gift Planner, Mr. Chris Burnette, knows all the ins and outs of gift planning, how to make sure your money goes where you want it to and not toward taxes and how to make an eternal impact now with your dollars, as well as later.

Below are two pieces of information you may find helpful as you discern how best to use your IRA contributions (Qualified Charitable Distributions). One of the pieces is for congregational use in their bulletins to spread the word that there is someone right here on our territory who is here to help you make these important decisions regarding the transfer of wealth. Chris is paid by the Southern Ohio Synod and the ELCA and receives no commission on your bequests. He is here to help you as you make important decisions about where your money goes and who it benefits.

Interested? Curious? Give Chris a call or send him an email at or 513.509.8332.

Foundation Qualified Charitable Distribution Bulletin Insert

Qualified Charitable Contribution Info Sheet

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