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75% increase in giving is possible! Join the 2019 Stewardship for All Seasons Cohort and see your giving increase too!

The 2019 Cohort for Stewardship for All Seasons is being formed now! Don't miss out! 

If you congregation is interested in strengthening your stewardship ministry (and quite frankly who isn't) contact Director for Evangelical Mission, Pr. Katie Kerrigan at today! 

Below is some more information about Stewardship for All Seasons for you to consider. If you're interested at all, contact Pr. Kerrigan before the window of opportunity to participate with this current group ends!

Stewardship For All Seasons 2019 Flyer

The Southern Ohio Synod is delighted to make available a new resource for congregations that increased giving by as much as 75% in other congregations in the ELCA!

GSB FundRaising’s Stewardship for All Seasons has a proven track record in helping congregations grow giving:

  • In the Rocky Mountain Synod, 13 participating congregations saw a combined total increase of $1.1 million in their first year in Stewardship for All Seasons (avg. increase of $84,615).
  • Stephen Lutheran in Longwood, Florida increased giving by $2080 per week and added 42 automatic givers.
  • Unity, Milwaukee, an inner-city congregation, increased their annual fund revenue from $100,000 by $33,000 in their first year of Stewardship for All Seasons. Congregational leaders report a significant change in culture around stewardship.
  • During an interim, a congregation in southeast Michigan increased giving by $34,000 which allowed them to increase their mission support from $0 to $18,000.
  • Trinity, Richmond grew congregational giving by 12.5% in the first year of Stewardship for All Seasons, and the congregation completed a statement of intent for mission support for the first time.

These services are made available to your congregation at a very affordable rate through a special partnership between the Southern Ohio Synod and Gronlund Sayther Brunkow.


Please contact the Synod’s Director for Evangelical Mission, Pastor Katie Kerrigan ( if your congregation would like to participate or if you would like further information.


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