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Congregational Resource Team provides healing and support to rostered ministers and congregations

The Congregational Resource Team, which evolved out of our Synod’s vision, is having a positive impact upon congregations in need of healing and support. Rick Groves, a member of that team, has experienced the power of hope brought on when our vision is lived out and people are restored through the reconciling love of Jesus.

Members of the Congregational Resource Team are available to meet with pastors and congregational lay leaders to listen to concerns and issues related to congregational life. Although not prescribing fixes and remedies, the members of the Synod Resource Team assist these individuals in reviewing, reflecting and considering what is happening within the congregation using a supportive and collegial confidential process. Participants have indicated that these discussions have resulted in improved clarity and an increased sense of hopefulness.

Rick Grove (Holy Trinity, Newark)


Adobe Stock 71012268The Congregational Resource Team, made up of gifted and well-trained lay leaders and rostered ministers from our synod, is now taking case studies from rostered ministers in our synod. For a case study, a pastor or Deacon shares, ahead of time, a real-life scenario from their congregation with which they would like help processing and discerning healthy and life-giving ways to equip themselves and their congregation members to better handle this type of situation currently and in the future. Strict confidentiality is kept during this process.

If you would like to submit a case study for the Resource Team to discuss and assist you with, please contact Pr. Bob Abrams, Assistant to the Bishop, at or 614.464.3532, ext 8.

For more information about what this team does and how they can help you and your congregation, please visit the Resource Team web page on the synod website. The link can be easily accessed from the Quick Links section at

Please download and share the Congregational Resource Team information sheet below.

Congregational Resource Team Info Sheet

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