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Thrive! Equipping a Vibrant Church Together 5.28.19

Thrive! Equipping a Vibrant Church Together

 “To the future and beyond!” (Buzz Lightyear – Toy Story)


Today’s contributor, PAC member Pastor Gil Santiago, is excited about the Thrive Campaign because he sees how it will help us work more closely today to lead us together into the future … and beyond. And that’s no mere toy story!

Gil Santiago


My enthusiasm and excitement for the THRIVE campaign is based on three distinct, yet connected and equally important, realities.

The first is that Thrive moves our focus into our shared future. Thrive goals invite us to look forward and see where our shared efforts today can affect the ministry of the Southern Ohio Synod in the years to come.

The second reality of Thrive is that this is faith work every congregation, and every member of the Synod, can be part of together today. I see that, in our shared future, every congregation and every individual will benefit from the goals the Thrive campaign is committed to achieve.

The final reality of the Thrive campaign invites us all to look and see beyond our individual and immediate ministries, to lay a foundation for ministry that will extend far into our future. Anything that allows me to see and work beyond my limited scope for the benefit of others is always a good thing.  

Pastor Gil Santiago (St. John, Vandalia)


More about Thrive Campaign Goals 1 & 3

Goal #1: Equipping Lay Leaders

The Synod will be seen as leading and providing networks through which lay leaders will be more highly equipped for leadership within their congregations, be more effective in their communities, and thrive in their ministries.


Goal #3: Strengthening Rostered Ministers

Provide opportunities and support that enables pastors and deacons to be healthy leaders who are growing in their faith and ministry skills, and be identified as such by their congregations.


If we wish to give God our best, then ongoing training and mentoring are important elements in the stewardship of our time and talents. Thrive will help in that endeavor by providing more and better support to church leaders, which is why one lay leader, Donna Poepplemeyer, looks forward to a successful campaign.

Training from the Synod for lay leaders would be a huge blessing for me. To be successful at any new job/position, training is critical.  Training offered from the Synod would be a welcome guide for me to hopefully be able to do my best when asked to serve my congregation.    

Donna Poepplemeyer (Council President, Church on Oakland Park)



Want more information about Thrive? Go to the Thrive Quicklink on the Synod’s website or contact Thrive! Campaign Manager, Pastor Larry Donner, at


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