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Thrive e-blast 7.16.19: Gatherings with Bishop, Rostered Ministers and Spouses Coming in August & More!

Gatherings with Bishop, Rostered Ministers and Spouses Coming in August

Please watch for an invitation coming to Rostered Ministers and their spouses, sent from your Conference “Dean” or other Conference leader. It is an invitation to join Bishop Dillahunt at one of six informal “Gatherings.” A Gathering will be held in each Conference at a home or church during the last two weeks of August and include a dessert, lite meal, wine & cheese, or other refreshments.

Gatherings are designed to inform you more about the Thrive Campaign and invite you to be more deeply engaged in the life of the synod and campaign. Additionally, the Bishop will share information about the Churchwide Assembly, which will have just concluded.

A Cincinnati Conference Gathering has been scheduled for August 18th at the home of Pastor Henry Zorn starting at 6:30 p.m.

The Muskingum Conference Gathering will be held at New Hope Lutheran Church, Adamsville, on August 22 (time TBD).

Gatherings for the other Conferences are being arranged. Please watch for an invitation in your mail or email with specific details about the Gathering near you, and for updates in future Thrive E-blasts.


New FAQ’s Menu Added to Thrive Website

Did you know that Thrive has its own website? It is linked with the Southern Ohio Synod website and, although both sites contain information about the campaign, the Thrive site is where you’ll find campaign videos and, now, a new pull down FAQ menu with answers to many of the questions being asked about Thrive. Check it out … and watch it grow as new answers are added in the weeks to come!


Reminder: Select Your Congregation Leader by October 29

Please be sure to select your Congregation Leader for the Thrive Campaign by October 29th and submit a Congregation Leader Appointment Form to the Thrive Campaign Manager or Synod. (Some congregations may prefer to appoint their Stewardship Team to serve in this capacity but, if so, please indicate that on the Appointment Form and designate one member as the contact person.)

Your Congregation Leader will be asked to:

  • Be committed to work for a successful campaign to fund the projects of Thrive.
  • Attend a Congregation Leader training event in your area or online by Zoom (see “Training Dates and Locations” below).
  • Become familiar with the purpose and goals of the Thrive Campaign and with the materials and resources available for conducting the campaign.
  • Conduct a five or six-week campaign within your congregation, culminating in the solicitation of gifts and pledges from your church’s members.
  • Inspire and encourage others to participate in the Campaign through their own generous gifts to the Campaign, their enthusiasm, and their effort.
  • Complete reports and submit all campaign receipts and pledges to the Southern Ohio Synod Office of the Bishop.


Steps for Your Congregation to Participate in Thrive

Excitement is growing about the Thrive Campaign and how it will benefit congregations and rostered ministers of the Southern Ohio Synod. Here are steps each congregation is asked to take in order to seriously consider taking part in the campaign … and join in the growing excitement:

  1. Schedule a convenient time between June 2019 and October 2019 for your church leaders to watch a 15-minute Council Visit Presentation Video. It will provide the information needed to make a decision about selecting a Congregation Leader who can learn more about specifics of the campaign. The video is on the Thrive Quick Links section of the Synod website or may be obtained by contacting the Campaign Manager, Pastor Larry Donner, at
  2. Select a Congregation Leader by October 31, 2019. Some congregations may prefer to appoint their entire Stewardship Team rather than just one individual. (Please return a Congregation Leader Appointment Form to Synod.)
  3. Arrange for your Congregation Leader (or Team) to attend a Congregation Leader Training Event in your area. Five separate events will take place around the Synod (see dates and locations in the article below).

Congregation Leaders will receive a full manual, complete training, plus sufficient printed and audio-visual materials for your congregation’s membership.

Please register your Leaders by emailing their names and which event will be attended to:

  1. Set a 3-year Thrive campaign non-binding financial goal for your congregation. It is requested that you consider a goal of $125-$200 per average worshipper to help us reach the base or even challenge goal. (Please return a Congregation Acceptance Form too.)
  2. Conduct a 5-6-week financial gifts campaign culminating in seeking 3-year pledges from families of the congregation. The campaign is to be completed during 2020 although other options will be offered at Congregation Leader Training.
  3. Gifts and/or pledges received at the end of your campaign will be collected at your congregation and then shared with the Synod.

After congregations complete their campaigns, they will be offered training, materials and expertise in how to seek planned gifts through church member estate planning. This, in turn, will be followed by an effort to convert planned gifts into sustained giving that will benefit congregations and the Synod into the future.

Thank you for your prayerful and serious consideration on taking part in Thrive … and for your partnership in the gospel of Jesus Christ!


Thrive “Congregation Leader” Training Dates and Locations

Every congregation is asked to appoint a Congregation Leader (or Team) by October 31st , complete and submit a Congregation Leader Appointment Form , and then arrange for the Leader(s) to attend a training event in your area.

Here are the training dates and locations where Congregation Leaders will learn all they need to know about running their congregation’s Thrive campaign, as well as how to conduct effective stewardship campaigns for your church.

November 2, 2019

10:00-11:30 am   Good Shepherd, 7701 Kenwood Road, Cincinnati

2:00-3:30 pm        St. John, 122 West National Road, Vandalia

7:00-8:30 pm        Synod Office, 300 S. 2nd Street, Columbus

November 17, 2019

2:00-3:30 pm        St. John’s, 116 North 7th Street, Zanesville

5:00-6:30 pm        First English, 220 North Columbus Street, Lancaster

Please help our planning! Register your Leaders by emailing their names and which event they will be attending to:


Everything You Need to Join in the Thrive Campaign

Looking for how to register your congregation in the Thrive Campaign? Download the Congregational Acceptance & Leader Forms Packet. It contains all you need to get started in the campaign.

Congregational Acceptance & Leader Forms Packet

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