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A note from the Bishop: 'Today we remember'

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Even as we continue our work at the ELCA Churchwide Assembly, our hearts remain heavy as we mourn the senseless loss of so many lives due to gun violence this week and over the last few years. As you come together this week, I offer you this worship resource from the ELCA 'Gun Violence Litany'.  A PDF is attached so you can download it and share as you see fit. We look forward to the day when these prayers will no longer be needed. Jesus, our hope lies in you.


Today we remember
those who have died by gun violence,
those who have survived gun violence,
those who mourn deaths of family and friends by gun violence.

Aching with sorrow
we grieve this pain and death that surrounds and fills us.

Today we remember
mass killings in places of prayer, in synagogues, mosques, and churches—
especially this year in Pittsburgh and Poway, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Dayton, El Paso (and others may be named. . .)

Rejecting the viciousness
we give ourselves to one another in love and care.

Today we remember
deaths and fears of death
rampant in schools, homes, and workplaces.
Marching for their lives, young people awaken us to action.

Listening at last
we rise up to face the horror; we confess ourselves complicit.

Let us pray together.
Forgive, O God, our wrongful action and our inaction.
Forgive our silence and indifference.
Lead us in love, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

May God who is our hope inscribe our hearts with justice and guide us in the ways of peace. Amen.

Sing: Goodness is stronger than evil (ELW #721)

Written by the Rev. Joanne Engquist WORSHIP RESOURCE: GUN VIOLENCE LITANY


Gun Violence Litany

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