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Check out what's happening at the ELCA Churchwide Assembly on our Instagram and Facebook

Voting member, Pr. Aaron Layne, has taken over our Instagram account for this week while he's at the ELCA CWA to give you in the moment pics and info on what's happening in Milwaukee. Check it out!

SOS is a public account, so anyone can view our posts, BUT we invite you to follow us so we can follow you back! Stay connected to what's going on at the Churchwide Assembly and in the SOS on both of our Social Media channels...There's more to come this fall that you will not want to miss! (Instagram) (Facebook)


Here are a couple of posts you missed if you aren't following us!

Cwa Socked 2019 Instagram


Bishop Election Ballot Cwa 2019 Instagram


Peace Lc & Chaplains Cwa 2019 Instagram

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