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Dayton area tornado relief benefit show, Sept 28 at Butler High School Performing Arts Theatre

Brad Brown, an internationally known Christian magician, will be performing a benefit show to raise money for Dayton tornado relief efforts on Saturday September 28 at 7:00pm at the Butler High School Performing Arts Theatre (600 S. Dixie Drive) in Vandalia.  Brad uses the stage to dazzle and amaze with his magic, and uses his magic to clearly present the gospel to all ages.
Brad said, “I want people who come to the show to laugh, be amazed, and to be able to forget about their problems for a while. I also want to remind people that God loves us and offers us hope in difficult times.”  Regarding those difficult times, when asked why he agreed to perform this benefit show, Brad said, “Neighbors help neighbors. I want to do what I can to help those around me when they need it.”

This event is sponsored by St Paul Lutheran Church on Dog Leg Road in Dayton and Thrivent Financial.  Pastor Kurt Lammi, from St Paul Lutheran Church, said that he invited Brad to perform because “not only do people like magic shows, but hearing the gospel during the magic show is even better.  Brad might be able to pull a rabbit from a hat, but his point is to remind us that God can bring life out of death.  We need that reminder after these storms.”

A donation to tornado relief is required for tickets. Minimum donation is $1. Maximum donation is up to you.  Please generously support tornado relief.  Tickets can be acquired by going to

For more information about the show, contact St Paul Lutheran Church at 937-890-1791.
For more information about Brad Brown, go to

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