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Recording of Bishop's call with rostered ministers and worship directors regarding singing in church

This call focused on the safety of singing during worship services during the current pandemic. Our guest presenters were Dr. Curt Passafume and Mr. Josh Brodbeck.

The first 39 minutes of the Zoom Webinar from May 21 is an in-depth presentation by Dr. Curt Passafume and Mr. Josh Brodbeck, regarding their research and findings from experts in the field. At the 39.30 time stamp, Curt and Josh address the questions sent in prior to the call and then address those asked in the chat feature of the webinar. The call is a little over 1.5 hours long, but should be of great assistance to leaders as you prepare your plans for what in-person worship will look like when you choose to gather again in-person.


In addition to the information presented in this webinar, please contact your insurance company to see if they have any specific guidelines your congregation should follow before meeting again as a group in-person. Below is a link to the checklists and other guidance provided by Church Mutual for your reference.

Recommendations for a Safe Return to Worship from Church Mutual 5.20.20

The article is a high-level overview of safeguards for consideration by houses of worship as they think about re-opening for public services.

COVID-19 Coverage From Church Mutual 5.20.20

How will my insurance coverage respond to a coronavirus claim?

Please check out ALL of our resources in the COVID-19 Resources section of our website, especially the 'Planning for What's Next' subsection, which contains resources specific to making plans and decisions about meeting for in-person activities, including worship. This section also houses the plans congregations like yours have already created and shared with us to give you ideas of what a plan may look like and things to consider in your plan. (See first tab on the section landing page.)

Please remember, you do not have to come back together in-person now to be the Church. Do not move more quickly than you feel comfortable doing, so that you can ensure the best practices for keeping your faith community as safe as possible are put in place and carried out.


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