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Into Your Hands E-bulletin October 2012

The Southern Ohio Synod Congregational Ministries Team has compiled various resources based on requests from our congregations. The resources will be added, tweaked and expanded as needed and as YOU join in the discussion to provide feedback, corrections and additional resources you may be using in your congregation.

The Congregational Ministries Team (CMT) will be sending an e-bulletin once a quarter with links to new or updated information you may find helpful as you carry out the work of the Lord in your congregation. The e-bulletin is called Into Your Hands. The name comes from the idea that the team and other contributors have gathered and sifted through requested ministry resources and that information is now being place Into Your Hands to do with as you wish.

Please check out the Congregational Ministries Team task force page on the synod website. It contains links to the following resources for both congregations and rostered leaders.


Each of these links may also be accessed through the Congregations or Rostered Leaders drop down menus on the synod website. The Youth and Family Ministry link goes to the Resource section of the Youth and Family Ministry page. On that page, look for Christmas Worship/Programs--Online Resources and Online Youth Ministry Resources (Mostly Free!).

If you have additional resources to share or wish to request additional resources, please email Susan Barton-Nonno, Communications Director at Your requests and contributions will be shared with the Congregational Ministries Team.

Look for other Into Your Hands ebulletins as new resources are added to the synod website. Archives of these ebulletins may be accessed through the Congregational Ministries Team task force page.