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ELCA and Southern Ohio Synod Fiscal Years Coming to an End Jan 31

A big thank you to all of you who continue to faithfully support the mission and ministry of the Southern Ohio Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America through your general mission support. We appreciate your partnership as we continue to do God's work, together, locally and globally.

If your congregation has not sent in your final mission support contribution for 2012, please do so quickly. Checks must be dated January 31, 2013 and received on or shortly after the end of January to count toward 2012 mission support.

If your congregation pledged mission support for the Bishop's Appeal in the fall and has not sent in the pledged amount, please send those contributions before the end of the fiscal year, so they will count toward 2012 mission support.

Remember to send in your 2012 Congregational Remittance Form along with your mission support check so the money can be applied correctly.

If you need another 2012 Congregational Remittance Form, please use the link below.

2012 Congregational Remittance Form