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January 2013 Profit & Loss Statement Available for Download--Thanks to a Great January We are Able to Send 40% to ELCA for Mission Support!

January 2013 was the end of fiscal year 2012 for the Southern Ohio Synod. It was also a stellar month for congregational remittances, allowing the Synod Council to keep its originally planned 40% mission support contribution for the full year to Churchwide.

Mission support payments had been reduced in the fall when receipts were substantially down, but have been fully restored. Thank you for honoring your mission support goals to the best of your ability and for prayerfully considering and sharing additional mission support contributions that allowed us to meet our original goal as a synod.

Below is the January 2013 Profit and Loss Statement. It may also be found on the synod website under "Congregations" then "Financials."

January 2013 Profit and Loss Statement