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Parochial Reports and Rostered Leader Reports to the Synod Bishop Past Due--Please Send In Soon

Parochial reports contain important data used in planning not only for congregational mission and ministry, but also for the collective mission of our whole church. Data complied from the reports over a period of time reflects trends in the congregation, trends in society, and opportunities for ministry and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. In addition, maintaining and filing accurate parochial reports is part of the terms of the call of pastors called to congregations, outlined in C9.12 of the ELCA model constitution for synods.

Forms for the parochial report can be filed electronically through the ELCA. Please make submitting these forms a priority and call the director of official roster records for the ELCA at 800-638-3522 ext. 2810.

To complete the Annual Rostered Leader's Report to the Bishop:

Be certain that the latest version of   Formatta Filler is installed on your computer. If you don't have Formatta Filler, download the latest version of Formatta Filler.

Click on the appropriate form link, matching your roster category (lay or clergy) and your roster status (active under call from a congregation; active under call from the Synod Council or the Church Council; not currently under call (on leave, retired, or on continuing disability.)

Fill in the information requested.

There are two options for returning the form to your bishop.

  • Send it to your synod office as an e-mail attachment.
  • Print a copy and mail it (United States Postal Service)

    If you need assistance, please contact the Helpdesk at 800.638.3522 ext. 2472

 All forms require formatta filler:

Lay - Under Call from a Congregation
Lay - Under Call from Synod Council or Church Council
Lay - Not Currently Under Call
Lay - Retired
Clergy - Under Call from a Congregation
Clergy - Under Call from Synod Council or Church Council
Clergy - Under Call from Synod Council or Church Council International
Clergy - Not Currently Under Call
Clergy - Retired