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Capital University Appoints Rev. Gary Sandberg as Dean of Chapel

Excert from message sent by Denvy A. Bowman, President of Capital University:

Please join me in congratulating the Rev. Gary Sandberg as he begins his new role as Dean of the Chapel, serving as Capital University’s chief officer, liaison, and shepherd in matters of faith. This appointment extends Pastor Sandberg’s work as director of church relations and tasks him with providing worship opportunities for Capital, organizing a chaplain corps to support students, and guiding Capital’s Center for Faith and Learning. Reporting to the University president, Pastor Sandberg will offer valued advice to University leadership as a member of the President’s Cabinet, the Provost’s and Deans’ councils, and as an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees.

As a university affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Capital cultivates a robust religious life and develops in its students an understanding of their ethical obligations and spiritual gifts. Yet the Dean of the Chapel, while vital to this effort, cannot accomplish this alone. For this reason, Pastor Sandberg has already begun organizing a chaplain corps. Our neighbors across Main Street at Christ Lutheran Church, including Pastor Tim Iseringhausen, Associate Pastor Denny Asp, and Director of Youth and Family Ministries Jenny Frantz, have been the first to volunteer their help.

The Dean of the Chapel will engage students from all faith backgrounds and ensure that their needs and aspirations are reflected in a chaplain corps that welcomes everyone into Capital’s diverse community, while strengthening Capital’s connections to local Lutheran churches.

Of course, the Dean of the Chapel is integral to Capital’s identity and Lutheran heritage. So Pastor Sandberg will serve as liaison to the congregations, pastors, and assemblies of the ELCA. He will serve as Capital’s ambassador among synod assemblies in ELCA Region 6 and beyond. Moreover, he will represent Capital at Churchwide assemblies. Although Pastor Sandberg will no longer serve as director of church relations at Trinity Lutheran Seminary, he will make every effort to foster continuing opportunities for collaboration between Capital and the seminary.