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A Message from the ELCA re New Website to be Launched Nov 18

The new website will be launched on Monday morning, Nov. 18. The launch is the culmination of extensive planning and implementation, during which we gathered input from a wide range and number of colleagues, constituents and end users from across this church. The result of our collective work is now ready to be published online.ELCA

As we designed and built the new site, we tried to keep at the forefront of our work the primary audiences to which it is aimed: ELCA members and worshippers, rostered leaders (lay and clergy), other leaders in congregations, synods and partner organizations — and those who are seeking involvement in a worshipping community that puts God’s unconditional love in Christ Jesus front and center. These are the people to whom we wish to provide relevant and accessible information through this dynamic new site. The new site offers better search tools, easier navigation, an extensive resource “library” and an interactive map to show where Lutherans are active in the world. It also is more user-friendly on mobile devices.

Please note: The Southern Ohio Synod has links to the current which will not work once the new site is launched. We will work quickly to reestablish those links (and maybe add a few more!) Be patient with us as we seek out all of the links on our site that need to be reconnected. If you find a link that is broken, please email Susan Barton-Nonno, Communications Director, at so we can fix it promptly. Thank you!