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Update! ELCA Formatta Filler Being Replaced by Web-based System Dec 9

We have been informed that the switch from Formatta to the new Form Tool has been delayed until early 2014. Look for more details in January.


New ELCA Forms and Form Tool

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is in the process of making the tools end users utilize most a bit more user-friendly. One of the major changes concerns the many forms used within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Formatta Filler, which has long been the form tool used within the ELCA, will no longer be used as the application for filling out ELCA forms, especially those forms we use in the Call Process. Our new forms will be web-based, allowing them to interface more seamlessly with all computers, web browsers, and small tablets. We hope this change will make it easier for rostered leaders as they complete the Rostered Leader Profile (RLP) and for ministry sites as they complete the Ministry Site Profile (MSP).

If you are currently in the process of completing an RLP or updating one that is in the system, you can continue to use the Formatta form until December 6th. This information also applies to congregations that are in the process of completing an MSP. December 6th is the last day that an RLP or MSP can be submitted using Formatta! The transition to new web-based forms is expected to be complete by December 9th.

When an RLP or MSP is accessed after December 9th, you will see that the data from the old (Formatta) form has been automatically transferred into a new form. We encourage you to review your new RLP to verify that it does read correctly, and if you are serving in a congregation that is working on an MSP, we encourage you to do the same.

As you review your Call Process forms or experience any difficulty with them, please share your questions or concerns by calling Gabrielle Hudecek (614.464.3532) in the synod office. Please note that these forms are new to the synod office as well, so please be patient as we try to answer your questions.