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Ecological Spirituality Class Offered by Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Jan 2014-Open to Community

Anyone interested in the connection between Ecology and Religion/Spirituality won't want to miss this upcoming opportunity offered through Trinity Lutheran Seminary. The Rev. Lisa E. Dahill, Ph.D., is teaching a class on Ecological Spirituality from January 13-24, 2014. 

The Ecological Spirituality class at Trinity Lutheran Seminary will include readings, field trips, and sharing geared towards "sparking attentive presence to the creation, its Creator, and God's desire of abundance of life for all."

The class is being offered to the wider community (as an audit class) and Dr. Dahill invites you to consider being a part of this experience. You'll be able to share with seminary students and gain a deeper appreciation for ecological spirituality and a greater awareness of the present ecological crisis.

The course readings will center on Larry Rasmussen's book, Earth-Honoring Faith: Religious Ethics in a New Key. Here's the link (click here) to the book on Amazon for ordering. The class times are: Monday-Thursday, January 13-16 at Trinity Lutheran Seminary (1:30pm-4:30pm), Sunday evening, January 19, at Teach-In on Climate Change (OSU Byrd Polar Research Center), and finally January 20-24 at Camp Mowana, Mansfield, OH. Participants may choose to do just the classroom portion, just the camp Mowana portion, or both. The Camp Mowana fee is $225 for four nights' lodging, all meals, and carpooling/gas.

If you are interested in auditing this class, fill out the Non-Degree Application Form (Click here) and return it by December 23rd to:

Trinity Lutheran Seminary
Office of Admissions
2199 East Main Street
Columbus, OH 43209-2334
Attention: Attention Carol Dixon, Registrar (Ecological Spirituality)