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Important Message from Constitution Review Task Force for 2014 Synod Assembly


RE: Constitutions, bylaws and resolutions

2014 Southern Ohio Synod Assembly:

One of Bishop Dillahunt’s first acts as Southern Ohio Synod Bishop was to charge her assistant, Pastor Jeff Wick, with forming a task force to perform a line-by-line review and study of the synod’s constitution, bylaws, and continuing resolutions. The task force was to ensure that the governing documents were in full compliance of the ELCA model and, if needed, to propose changes to ensure that the documents gave a firm foundation for mission within the synod.

In December, 2013, Pastor Wick convened the Synod Constitution Review Task Force whose members are Pastor Bob Abrams, Linda Cregan, Pastor Craig Fourman, Pastor Craig Richter, and Linda Schnittke.

At each ELCA Churchwide Assembly, the body may vote to make changes to the Constitution for Synods; some of those changes become required and some are suggestions.  The initial work of the task force was to update the synod documents with the required changes resulting from the actions of the 2009, 2011, and 2013 ELCA Churchwide Assemblies.  At its February 2014 meeting, Synod Council voted to recommend adoption of the required changes.  Acceptance of those required changes becomes part of the agenda of the 2014 Southern Ohio Synod Assembly. 

With the required changes in place, the work of the task force is to review the existing documents to ensure that the articles that are not required by ELCA action conform to the required parts. The further work is to recommend changes to any portions of the synod documents which need to be corrected, updated, or rewritten to emphasize and facilitate mission in all levels of the synod expression.

The task force plans to work in partnership with the Vision and Mission Task Force and with the Synod Council as the project unfolds. 

Any alterations of the documents must be decided by the synod in assembly.  The task force plans to work toward presenting any suggested additions or deletions within the documents to the Synod Council at their November 2014 meeting. With the recommendation of the Synod Council, the proposed changes can be sent to synod congregations at least six months before the 2015 Southern Ohio Synod Assembly.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Cregan Chair,

Southern Ohio Synod Constitution Review Task Force Chair