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Important Assembly Information: Process to Allow Voting Privileges for Retired and On Leave Clergy

The following information is en route to all retired and on leave from call Clergy in the Southern Ohio Synod. 

Though the synod constitution grants the privilege of voice to all ordained rostered leaders (S7.23), it does not grant vote to all retired, on leave, and disabled rostered leaders. Therefore the constitution allows for the development of a process for voting privileges to be granted (S7.22) as long as it is consistent with and maintains the allotted 60% lay and 40% clergy voting makeup of the Assembly (+S7.21.c).

The process for the 2014 Assembly is as follows:

• If you are a retired or on leave from call rostered leader currently serving as an interim or stated supply in one of the Southern Ohio Synod congregations, you are entitled to voice and vote at the Assembly consistent with *C9.07 of the Model Constitution for Congregations. You should register for the Assembly as a clergy voting member.

• If you are retired or on leave and are not serving as an interim or stated supply in a Southern Ohio Synod congregation or are only supplying on Sunday through Sr. Sally Burk, then you need to petition the Bishop IN WRITING requesting the privilege of vote at this Assembly. This can be done by either regular mail or email ( The granting of voting privileges will then be based upon satisfying the 60%/40% makeup of voting members to the assembly. Please register for assembly as a non-voting member by May 21, 2014. Your request to vote will not be considered until you are registered. Do not send payment with your registration, whether registering online or on paper, until you know your voting status. If you are granted voting privileges, your voting status will be changed and you will be responsible for the ‘Voting Member’ registration fee. If not, you will be responsible for the ‘Non-voting Member’ registration fee.

The decision of granting voting privileges will be made by May 23, 2014, those who are granted voting privileges, will be notified by the synod office after this date.


Please note that Assembly registration materials are not yet ready, but you may submit your request for voting privileges at any time.