Recent Updates


As we mentioned in our January webinar, we are continuously updating and improving WebSuite2 every day. In fact, we are on revision #10,565.

To conserve your time, we don't mention every single update since many involve obscure technical issues.

Here are a some of the more noteworthy improvements over the past six weeks:

2/8/18 - View My CEs > Summary at the bottom of the screen is now totaled by state when more than one state is reflected in the data.

1/31/18 - Maintain Categories > Adding a new Category now allows you to assign the category to the Contact grouped checkboxes and attributes - so you don't have to call up each and manually select the new Category.

1/31/18 - Work with Registrations > Events List > Now reflects the number of incomplete registrations and registrants alongside the completed ones.

1/30/18 - Events > Build Reg Forms > Require email address on secondary registrants is now an option. So is an option to prompt for job title or not.

1/30/18 - Invoice Aging Report now shows the title of the Input Form or Event Title for invoices attached to input forms or registrations.

1/29/18 - Work with Contacts > 'Add CE' link added to the main Contact screen. So it is now possible to add CEs directly from a Contact record.

1/25/18 - View G/L Trans > Now displays refund amounts in the proper Debit and Credit columns.

1/24/18 - Input Forms > Export > ‘Invoice_no’ added to list of available output fields.

1/24/18 - Maintain Committees > Add sorting of committees in the committee report according to order in edit committee positions. Also move 'members' to the bottom of sort order.

1/23/18 - View Invoices > Generate Email > Add option to only email invoices linked to active Contacts (default) or to include those linked to inactive Contacts as well.


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