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Membership Benefits

How can you benefit by joining the Ultrasonic Industry Association?

More about student membership

The Ultrasonic Industry Association (UIA) invites you to join our organization. A major benefit of becoming a member of the UIA is access to our member network of ultrasonic specialists in the areas of industrial and medical technology. Our organization offers an environment where the leaders from industry and academia come together to exchange ideas and information. If you have a need in the advancement or development of ultrasonic technology, one of our members should be able to provide assistance.

Becoming a member also allows a listing in the UIA referral network. This listing allows members and non-members to locate your organization based on ultrasonic specialization categories. This benefit brings individuals and companies who are looking for solutions to ultrasonic technology problems to your organization.

All UIA members receive a direct mailing of the UIA Vibrations Newsletter. This publication is a great way to stay current with member status, ultrasonic technology developments, and upcoming UIA events.

Of particular importance are our annual Symposia. As a member, you receive discounted registration, and by participating in the organization of the events, can be certain that your interests are addressed.

  • Listing in the UIA Referral Network: businesses around the world use this to locate expertise in the many subfields of ultrasonics.
  • Discounts at UIA events.
  • Access to our online Membership directory, an essential, focused tool for industry contacts.
  • Direct emailing of Vibrations Newsletter
  • Opportunities to make business connections. Currently, we have members from North America, Europe, and Asia, and are growing worldwide.
  • Learn about ultrasonics from the basics through the cutting edge technologies.
  • Ability to embed or link to YouTube videos describing your product or service.
  • A unique focus on industrial and biomedical applications of ultrasonics.

UIA also reports on and participates in standards setting activities, and through our publications and events provides a means for disseminating technical information on the uses of ultrasound in medicine and industry.

UIA members are companies and individuals who have an interest in maintining a technological and marketing edge in the diverse fields in which ultrasound is applied. Various classes of membership exist to meet the varied needs of our members.

Especially for our student members:

I attended the annual UIA Symposium for the first time back in 2002 whilst I was a part-time PhD Student and Research Assistant at the University of Glasgow, UK. Since my research was focused on Power Ultrasonics applied to industrial processes, I was interested to meet people working at companies within this field. The nice surprise was that participating at an UIA Symposium not only allowed me to achieve this aim, but it also helped me to establish a long-lasting relationship with people from a wide range of backgrounds and ages.

Ultrasound pioneers, young engineers and researchers, firm executives, sales people, etc. meet every year to learn and openly discuss what is new in this amazing branch of science and how this knowledge can be applied.

The UIA has managed to perfectly blend academic and industrial world interests to boost a wonderful discipline wherein a lot still can be done. There is no doubt that the secrets behind all this are the passion, expertise, openness and modesty that older members have managed to transfer to the new ones throughout the years. This genuine desire to put ideas in practice is also at the heart of the recently started company I have joined.

Cardoni Andrea

- Dr. Andrea Cardoni
R&D and Technical Director at PUSONICS SL, Spain

Mathieson Andrew

- Andy Mathieson, Research Assistant
Mechanical Engineering, University of Glasgow, UK.

I have attended two UIA Symposia as a research student; 2010 in Boston, USA and 2011 at the University of Glasgow, UK. I found the mix of presentations and workshops delivered by academic researchers and industrialists gave valuable exposure to many diverse, but very relevant, areas of ultrasonics which were new to me. Networking is an important component of the symposium, giving it a relaxed atmosphere, which easily allows students to discuss their research with highly experienced people in the medical and industrial ultrasonics communities. Furthermore, the student poster competition allows discussion of your own research, with the benefits of possibly developing your understanding and knowledge, or simply earning you some cash.