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Membership Categories

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UIA is changing its membership levels starting January 2023 to make it easier for all members to participate in UIA programs without constantly having to pay for separate registrations for Virtual Collaborations.


Both membership levels are available for Sustaining (Corporate) Members as well as Individual Members.

Basic Membership will provide access to all standard UIA information – the quarterly newsletter, information about upcoming Virtual Collaborations and Symposia, and the ability to interact with your ultrasonic colleagues around the world.

Unlimited Membership provides you with all the access above – plus access to current Virtual Collaborations and access to the previous recordings at no additional cost. The benefits of the unlimited membership include:
• No waiting for approval from your accounts payable department or waiting for reimbursement for multiple charges per year
• Unlimited participation in Virtual Collaborations by all your staff interested in participating
• Access to past Virtual Collaborations recordings – great for reviewing what some of the best minds in ultrasound have presented previously – at no additional charge

Sustaining (Corporate) Member Dues

• Basic level: $1,195
• Unlimited level: $1,495

Companies in this category are listed by company name in the UIA Directory and can nominate 5 delegates as voting members.

Definition: Manufacturer or purchase of ultrasonic equipment and related items for sale or use.  Or, a company, division or institution that uses ultrasonic equipment, does research, or provides services, in the field of ultrasonics to the ultrasonic field or which supplies equipment, materials or services, which are not of an ultrasonic nature, to ultrasonics manufacturers or users. Companies in this category are listed by company name in the UIA Directory and can nominate 5 delegates as voting members.


Individual Member Dues

• Basic level: $199
• Unlimited level: $399
A person with an interest in the field of ultrasonics. Individual members have the right to vote on matters pertaining to the association. They receive all member benefits. This type of membership is listed by personal name rather than by company in the UIA Directory or other publications of the Association.


Institutional Member (US$450/year)

Designed for university departments / educational institutions, institutional members include two professors involved in ultrasound research and teaching and up to 5 students attending the annual UIA Symposium at a 10% discount each.

As Professor of Ultrasonics at the University of Glasgow, I am part of a team of 8 academic staff and 30 researchers in Medical & Industrial Ultrasonics (MIU). Because I know how invaluable my interaction with the UIA has been for my own research as well as my students’, I encourage you to consider an institutional membership. 
-Margaret Lucas, Professor of Ultrasonics, University of Glasgow


Honorary Member (No dues required)

An individual, selected by and approved by the Board of Directors, who has made significant contributions in the field of ultrasonics. This type of membership receives all communications from the association but does not have voting rights.

Affinity Member (No dues required)

Professional or trade organizations sharing common interests with the UIA and with whom reciprocal organizational membership arrangements have been established. This type of membership has no voting rights but does receive the newsletter of the association.

Student Member (US$75/year)

Students enrolled at an academic institution in a degree program in science, engineering, or technology may apply for this type of membership. They may form chapters of the Association and such chapters may nominate additional students for such membership. This type of membership has no voting rights but does receive the quarterly newsletter of the association. Student membership shall terminate automatically upon graduation or withdrawal from said academic institution. Membership Benefits