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Virtual Collaborations Jan 23

Waveguide design with frequency separation considerations


Kevin HouserDirector, IP Strategy, Engineering Fellow, Intellectual Property Center of Excellence

This edition of Virtual Collaborations will focus on the use of testing and finite element analysis for the design of waveguides and end effectors for use on power ultrasound systems.  It will include information of generalized testing of longitudinal, torsional and transverse frequencies and then using specific design changes to achieve appropriately designed frequency separations amongst all of these.

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Virtual Collaborations for 2022

This year's virtual collaborations have been very well received and as a result, we are turning them into a regular program of the UIA.

Look forward to invites for four separate sessions during the course of the year, in February, June, September, and November.  We have selected this schedule so that we can bring you great content on a regular basis but not interfere with our annual conference or summer holidays!  And we will be adding a new wrinkle to these presentations, a mini-symposium!  The presentations in February, June and November will continue with our 1 hour format and a topic of discussion, but our September session will be an expanded 2 hour mini symposium with a series of presentations on a specific area of ultrasonic technology, ranging from ceramics, transducers, control systems waveguides and other technologies.  And don’t forget our main symposium in April!

We look forward to seeing you at these presentations during the course of the year!

Kevin Hauser & Margaret Lucas, 
Virtual Collaborations co-chairs

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End Uses of Ultrasound


Dominick DeAngelis, Kulicke & Soffa 

Professor David Grewell, Chair of the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, North Dakota State University

Kevin HouserDirector, IP Strategy, Engineering Fellow, Intellectual Property Center of Excellence

End Uses of Ultrasound

This edition of Virtual Collaborations will feature four knowledgeable ultrasonic professionals discussing uses of ultrasound which they work with regularly. 

  • Dominick DeAngelis will present Semiconductor Wire Bonding
  • David Grewell, State University of North Dakota, will discuss Biofuel Uses
  • Plastic Welding will be presented by Leo Klinstein, Dukane Corporation
  • Kevin Houser, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, will present on Ultrasonic Surgical Instruments

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Rasmus Lou-Moeller

Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, Meggit A/S

Leadfree Piezo Update

Although the EC has delayed the new regulations requiring leadfree piezo, there has been a focus on developing leadfree piezo techniques.  Rasmus Lou-Moeller, Director of Engineering and Business Development for Meggitt A/S will provide an update on leadfree piezo and how these developments can impact the future of piezo.

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  • Modeling of ultrasonic welding of plastics and 3D printing consolidation

    Lokesh Karthik Narayanan, Assistant Professor

    Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, North Dakota State University

    As a researcher, Dr. Narayanan’s research interests center on the development of scalable 3D biofabrication processes that enable manufacturing of engineered tissues. Through his research, he is addressing the issues that hinder the translation of processes to the industry such as scalability and quality control. His latest research investigates the use of impedance sensing to monitor the biological quality characteristics of engineered tissue. His vision is to model the process function relationships and engineer semi-autonomous cyber-physical systems for tissue and biomedical device manufacturing.

    Dr. Narayanan has served as the instructor for core manufacturing and design courses at NC State and teaches CAD/CAM (IME 380) and automation (IME 482) at NDSU. He is a member of the Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and is a member of student relations committee in the national chapter of SME.

  • Fundamentals of Langevin Transducer Design – A Tribute to George Bromfield Featuring Tony Crandall and Jeff Vaitekunas
    Among George Bromfield’s many other accomplishments and contributions, he was a master of design of ultrasonic transducers.  This collaboration will focus on the design fundamentals of Langevin-type transducers, and the use of PiezoTran modeling software to quickly and accurately iterate to a design.  Many “tricks of the trade” that George taught will be discussed, with particular reference to the use of PiezoTran as well as more general knowledge that George has passed on to all of us to continue in his absence.

  • Ultrasound in Surgical Devices: Advances in Robotic Surgery & HIFU applications

Featuring Kevin Houser, PE,Director, IP Strategy, Engineering Fellow, Intellectual Property Center of Excellence, Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon Endo-Surgery

  • Regulatory measurement requirements for ultrasonic surgical devices: Relevance of acoustic characteristics to surgical performance

           Featuring Mark E. Schafer, PhD FASA FAIUMResearch Professor, 
           School of Biomedical  Engineering, Science and Health Systems, Drexel University 

  • Tools and techniques for characterizing transducers

           Featuring  Dr. Andrew Mathieson, Thales UK, and Mark Hodnett, NPL, UK

  • Multi-wavelength probes and blades: tuning / gain / balancing

          Presented by Jeff Vaitekunas, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Penn State Behrend.

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The first Virtual Collaboration was held on Thursday, 24 September 2020 


One of my favorite aspects of Ultrasonic Industry Association symposiums is the collaboration that occurs during breaks in the actual symposium presentations.  Ultrasonic technology is highly non-linear and often confounding, and bouncing thoughts with peers is practically impossible on a day to day basis due to the significant intellectual investment necessary to understand the issues.  With the current pandemic, it is not feasible for many to meet in person and have these collaborations.  That is why I am looking forward to the UIA’s virtual collaboration on applying pre-load to Langevin-type piezoelectric transducers.  Over the years I have experienced several instances of pre-load issues that at the time were confusing, but with hindsight are completely understandable.  These collaborative discussions provide the insight needed to overcome common issues that are otherwise difficult to comprehend.


Jeff Vaitekunas Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Penn State Behrend