The mission of Central States Communication Association (CSCA) is to unite and educate people with both an affinity to the central region of the United States and a scholarly interest in all areas of communication for promotion of their mutual goals and advancement of their field. CSCA strives to provide:

  • Sustained mentoring from senior to junior scholars.
  • Ongoing facilitation of networking across the discipline of communication.
  • Annual honors and awards for outstanding service, teaching, and scholarship.
  • Nationally recognized outlets showcasing excellent scholarship for both consumers and producers (via the journal and the annual convention).
  • Regular opportunities to share innovative teaching practices that influence life-long learning.


CSCA 2015 Conference


Madison, WI

April 15 - 19, 2015


Primary Program Planner:

David T. McMahan


 CSCA 2015 Program PROOF Draft

Please review the program draft carefully and report any corrections directly to First Vice President and Primary Program Planner, David T. McMahan (mcmahan.csca@gmail.com) by Saturday, January 31. No changes to the draft will appear before that time.

Scheduling can only be altered in the event that an individual is double-booked.

It is possible that changes in the program schedule may occur, so please use caution if using this draft for travel plans. A final program schedule will be posted during the first week in February.

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