The Central States Communication Association Executive Committee consists of ten members:

  • President
  • First Vice President
  • Second Vice President
  • Immediate Past President
  • Executive Director
  • Chair of the Finance Committee
  • Two Members at Large
  • Chair of the States Advisory Council
  • Journal Editor of Communication Studies
  • Journal Editor of Journal of Communication Pedagogy

Katherine Denker


Jeffrey T. Child

First Vice President

Kristina M. Scharp

Second Vice President

Ahmet Atay

Immediate Past President

Tiffany R. Wang

Executive Director

Yuping Mao

Editor, Communication Studies

Renee Kaufmann

Editor, Journal of Communication Pedagogy

Patric Spence

Finance Committee Chair

Tim McKenna-Buchanan

Member at Large

Sarah Symonds LeBlanc

Member at Large

Gayle M. Pohl

States Advisory Council Chair


Communication Studies Article of the Year Award Committee

Cooper Award Committee

Equity & Inclusion Committee

Federation Prize Committee

Finance Committee

Journal of Communication Pedagogy Article of the Year Award Committee

Kay Award Committee

Nominating Committee

Pearson and Nelson Award Committee

Warren Award Committee

Association Staff