What is CCIIR?


The Purpose of CCIIR

  • CCIIR serves as a communications network for members whereby: CCIIR exclusively lists property and market information shared among members. Clients and property matching may take place in a timely fashion with an emphasis upon cooperation among members.
  • CCIIR provides an environment for professional enrichment and development among its members by coordinating and sponsoring seminars, lectures and workshops pertaining to current real estate issues.
  • CCIIR ensures quality and cost-effective service to the real estate public by establishing and enforcing strict membership requirements and peer review systems.

Past Presidents

Max Holzer Lifetime Achievement Award recipients:

Recipient Year
Doug Shull 2022
Jim Coridan 2021
Brad Johnson 2020
Fil Line 2019
Bruce Massa 2018
Wayne Harer 2017
James Merkel 2016
Dick Elosh 2015
Sandy Simpson 2014
Henry Coridan 2013
Max Holzer 2012

The Max Holzer Lifetime Achievement Award began in 2012 to recognize the founder of CCIIR and his vision and dedication to commercial real estate in Columbus and creating our sense of cooperation in sharing information and doing deals.

CCIIR Membership

CCIIR is an association comprised of individual membership through one of three classifications.

Active Membership is available only to those who:

  • Are licensed by the State of Ohio to sell real estate.
  • Are in good standing with the National Association of Realtors®.
  • Are in good standing with the Columbus Board of Realtors®.
  • Are engaged full time in Commercial, Industrial or Investment real estate.
  • Have established themselves as specialized Commercial, Industrial and Investment real estate practitioners by virtue of proven experience and service in the business.
  • Have obtained the endorsement of another CCIIR active member.

Candidate Membership is available to Commercial, Industrial and Investment practitioners and devotees as a vehicle for professional development under the watchful eye of an active member sponsor. This classification requires timely and steady progression toward active membership.

Associate Membership is available to other Commercial, Industrial and Investment professionals who do not meet full or candidate member qualifications, but who offer benefits to CCIIR and its members by virtue of their professional knowledge and experience. Associate membership is open to financial institutions, developers, title agencies, appraisers and other related businesses.

How will you benefit from working with a CCIIR member?

  • CCIIR members ensure maximum exposure of your property to other members in a timely fashion. This exposure will result in receiving the highest price in the shortest marketing period. It has been estimated that our membership conducts 90% of the Commercial, Industrial and Investment brokerage in Ohio.
  • CCIIR members are reviewed by their peers to evaluate experience, education, professionalism and past ethical conduct, thus providing you with the best qualified representation.
  • CCIIR does not accept part time practitioners; therefore, members must specialize in the practice of Commercial, Investment and Industrial brokerage and must derive substantially all of their income from this source.
  • CCIIR members benefit from the training and educational programs coordinated and sponsored by CCIIR, as well as exposure to new ideas and past experiences shared by our membership.
  • CCIIR members have access to information regarding every property available in the marketplace, thus permitting Buyers/Sellers, Landlords/Tenants and Investors first glance at what is going on in the market.
  • CCIIR members have access to market data locally and globally which permits clients and customers to make informed decisions based on complete information.

Benefits to Real Estate Practitioners

As a Commercial, Industrial and/or Investment real estate practitioner you benefit by becoming involved. This involvement creates a comprehensive, effective and efficient information network devoted to professional development and success. Our success revolves around our commitment to our association and our association with our clients.

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