Meeting Host Info



Listing agent must be a member of CCIIR

Location in Franklin County or nearby surrounding area

Property is for Sale or Lease

Property types:   Office, Industrial, Retail, Special Use

Facilities must have:   Enough room to accommodate – tables and chairs for at least 80+ in one contiguous area, free/ no cost parking for 80+ vehicles, RR facilities, heat in winter months

Venue:   Lunch or Happy Hour (Breakfast possible)

Host will need to:   Provide food, beverage, tables and chairs for event.   Provide speaker – topic of interest to members and affiliates.   Speaker should NOT be soliciting business for their company.   10- 15 minute limit.  It is suggested that the host provide gift cards for a drawing (not mandatory).   Host will have an opportunity to present and speak about their facility.

Cancellation fee:  If you cancel the meeting, you will be billed any charges that have been incurred, as well as any losses incurred.

CCIIR’s administrator can make the arrangements for the food, tables and chairs.  If this is done the host will be responsible to pay the caterer at the time of the event.    Amount due will be any amount over the reimbursement by CCIIR.    Once the “head count” is in and caterer has created an invoice, CCIIR will let the host know how much will be due the day of the event. Host must be available to open their facility (if vacant) prior to the meeting for the caterers.

CCIIR will reimburse the host up to $1500 of the costs of food- tables and chairs. 

Should an affiliate sign up to be highlighted at your event you will be reimburse an additional $250

Host will be required to pick up and bring back directional signs for meeting that are housed at Lehner Signs.

Procedure for booking an event:

Contact Facility committee chair, Lynn Singh, with marketing material which shall include:

Address, facility for sale or lease, marketing flyer including sq. ft. of building and any other available information. (pics, etc.)  Please also verify that the actual space that you will be conducting the meeting has all items included in “Criteria” above.

In addition, please make sure that you have consulted your ownership, brokerage company or any other “decision makers” before you start the process to book your meeting.

Facility committee chair, Lynn Singh, will be available to answer any further questions in regard to hosting a meeting.