Prevailing Wage

The MCA of Ohio is dedicated to the preservation and expansion of the use of Prevailing Wage Laws in Ohio. We believe that these laws maintain a level playing field in the competitive bidding marketplace and play an important role in keeping the full tax, insurance, and retirement benefits of Ohio's economic development investments with Ohio workers and in Ohio's local economies.

Competitive Bidding and Fair Contracting

The MCA of Ohio believes strongly in full and open competitive bidding on every project. MCAO works for consistency in public contracting rules, documents, and policies.  Without proper oversight in bidding, the public construction market is left open to graft and corruption.  The MCAO advocates for important reforms like; the reduction and early release of retainage; contractor bid listing; and fair contract documents and terms.

Municipal Tax Reform

The MCA of Ohio is working with other business groups to adocate for municipal tax reform.  Our members work in many different municipalities each year.  The current system of inconsistent forms and proceedures for each entity makes compliance expensive and difficult.  The MCAO supports efforts to make Ohio's municipal tax system more uniform to facilitate compliance.

Apprenticeship Training

MCA of Ohio supports the State Apprenticeship Council and its work. We believe that this agency should have the necessary resources available to continue to expand and improve workforce development in Ohio. Our members are sponsors of many certified programs and serve as the standard for their industries by investing millions each year in continuous program improvement. The MCAO is a proponent of strong policing of apprenticeship programs. No Ohioan is served when failing programs are allowed to continue to fall short of their promised benefit.

Workers Compensation

The MCA of Ohio has been a proponent of the continuous improvement of the Workers Compensation system in Ohio. As employers, MCAO Members are on the frontlines of the battle to keep employer costs of compensation low while providing quality care and benefits to their employees. We have been supportive of efforts to streamline the bureaucracy of the BWC and to reform the system of calculating reserves so that the Workers Comp system is fair to all parties involved and is not a hindrance to Ohio's development goals.

Quality Contracting Standards

MCA of Ohio is supportive of the efforts municipalities who have adopted Quality/Responsible Contracting Standards. We believe that these standards strengthen the competitive bidding environment, increase local competition, and reduce government expense incurred when poor performers repeatedly take advantage of the public contracting system.

Contractor Licensing

As licensed contractors, MCAO Members take the work of the OCILB seriously. We work cooperatively with the OCILB to make sure that regulations are enforced uniformly, that rules written are constructive to the industry, and that the agency operates in a way that does not negatively impact the competiveness of licensed contractors in Ohio.

Labor Relations

The MCAO is a strong partner of its corresponding labor organizations: The United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters (UA); and the Sheet Metal Air Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART). We work closely on government affairs issues of mutual interest and focus internally on a progressive labor/management relationship. The MCAO plays a role in facilitating state-wide meetings that allow labor and management to meet and work through regional issues, as well as providing a forum for signatory contractors across Ohio to meet, discuss, and identify issues that need attention on a proactive basis.

Political Action Committee (PAC)

It is imperative that we constantly pursue the work of our successful grassroots education and relationship building campaign with the both new and incumbent legislators.

MCAO Members must play an important part in this process.

Few legislators come to the Statehouse with the kind of sophisticated construction knowledge necessary to readily understand complex public contracting issues. One on one meetings have been our best defense in combating attempts to water down competitive bidding, to fight for improved payment terms, and to preserve prevailing wage laws.  In many instances it's the few Ohio House and Senate members who truly understand construction issues that become our first and last resort to preserve these primary issues.

It's reality that PAC funds open doors for our members to educate and network, and it is also a key way in which we can show our support for the legislators who have consistently stood with us to protect small business and taxpayer interests.  Only with this consistency and repetition can we build the necessary base of support for our industry so that construction issues get a fair hearing, and are not dismissed because they are too complex to fit into the simple sound-bite trend.

You can make a convenient and secure online PAC contribution right here. You must use your personal credit card.  Corporate Funds Cannot Be Accepted by a PAC! 

CLICK HERE to fill out your SECURE online PAC Contribution Form

If you want to solicit additional funds from other management personnel within your company, those efforts would be very much appreciated too.  to Please feel free pass along this link: or refer them to the MCAO's Executive Director, Valerie Pope at

You can also send PAC Contributions via personal check to:

MCA of Ohio PAC, 7250 Poe Ave Suite 410, Dayton, Ohio 45414

Working together we can strengthen and improve prevailing wage with real reforms that will strengthen the Ohio's sluggish economy rather than seeing our industry join the race to the lowest common denominator AND preserve the competitive bidding laws that protect Ohioans from graft and wasteful spending.  Thanks for your help!