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Leadership and Advocacy Conference

Cpt Jacob Altholz, MD

Last  month, the Government Services Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) had an enriching experience at the Leadership and Advocacy Conference (LAC) in Washington, D.C. The annual conference was aimed at educating and empowering emergency physicians to advocate for policies that improve patient care and engaging with policymakers on issues affecting emergency medicine.

The Government Services Chapter was able to participate across the continuum at the conference and met with elected officials and policymakers to discuss key issues such as violence in the workplace, boarding, and Medicare reimbursement. We were able to share our expertise and experiences as emergency physicians and to advocate for policies that support our patients and the practice of emergency medicine.

In addition to advocacy meetings, GS members also participated in educational sessions and workshops on topics including public health policy, healthcare reform, and leadership development through the EMRA/YPS Health Policy Primer. These sessions provided valuable insights and information that will help the chapter effectively advocate for emergency medicine at the state and national levels.

The Leadership and Advocacy Conference was a valuable opportunity for the Government Services Chapter of ACEP to engage with policymakers, learn from experts in the field, and collaborate with other emergency physicians from across the country. Participating members will bring home what they've learned, advocating for policies that support the practice and workplace of military and federal emergency medicine physicians and work to improve patient care in our unique clinical environments.

Gsacep Members On Capital Hill For Lac 1 600

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