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ABEM funding for the COL (Dr.) Dave Barry Fellowship in Leadership Development

CDR Sean Stuart, DO, FACEP

The GSACEP Fellowship in Leadership Development was designed to prepare future military and federal emergency medicine leaders.  Combining elements of coaching with skills in organization, education, advocacy, and involvement, the fellowship was designed to help cultivate the next generation of EM leaders.

Last year we lost a great man in COL (Dr.) Dave Barry, whose legacy spans far beyond his military service or emergency medicine ties. Given that Dr. Barry dedicated much of his career to developing military physician residents to be the best doctors they could be, it was only fitting that the fellowship was renamed the COL (Dr.) Dave Barry Fellowship in Leadership Development.

As the mission of the fellowship resonated with the goals and priorities embodied in COL (Dr). Barry, the Board of Directors of the American Board of Emergency Medicine has partnered with GSACEP to honor Dave's legacy by providing $1,000 per year in support of the Fellowship.

The collaboration of these two entities shows the extent of the impact Dave had on us all. Through this fellowship, we will continue his mission of shaping military emergency physicians to be leaders in all walks of life. 

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