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Protect your loved ones, select the right funeral home

Eugene Wagner is president of the Michigan Funeral Directors Association. He is the owner of Wagner Family Funerals in Cassopolis and Three Oaks, MI.

Last week, a flurry of media coverage focused on the Swanson Funeral Home of Flint, MI – recently shut down due to alleged violations and complaints regarding health, safety and financial matters.

There were reports of vile and unsanitary conditions resulting in the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) suspending the licenses to practice of both the funeral home and the funeral director, O’Neil Swanson II.

The State was 100% correct in taking action, and those of us in the funeral profession are sickened by what happened. The relationship between a grieving family and their funeral director is a sacred bond of trust. We applaud the State for responding strongly when that bond is broken.

This case is not normal, by any means. Still, it is important for consumers to be aware of the funeral home they choose and its reputation.

Follow these tips to aide in your search for a funeral professional:

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Protect Your Loved Ones Select The Right Funeral Home







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