Benefits of Membership


The Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Michigan Health Insurance Program currently available to members of the MFDA Benefit Trust!

Also offered are two Dental Insurance Plans, and one Vision Insurance Plan!

Our Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Program rates are extremely competitive and offer a "Living Need Benefit" for those individuals that become terminally ill.

We also offer Long Term Disability Plan.

In addition to these programs offered through our Association, you may take advantage of a specially designed Property and Casualty Insurance Program endorsed by MFDA!

Also endorsed by the MFDA is the Workers' Compensation Program that has paid our Members dividend checks 29 out of the previous 31 years; in the past five years dividends have averaged 15% of premiums!

Master Escrow Plan™

MFDA Master Escrow Plan™ is a Master Trust started by the Michigan Funeral Directors Association in July of 1987. The trust was established to follow Michigan law that requires that the funeral director place 100% of the prearranged funds in escrow.

MFDA Master Escrow Plan™ funds are held and administered both by MFDA and Prudent Investor Advisors. Although all moneys are commingled to ensure the highest rate of return possible, each individual account is managed and reconciled on a separate basis.

777 Club

For your one-time, lifetime payment, you and your spouse will enjoy all the following benefits:

  • Gold 777 Club membership pin
  • Lifetime MFDA retired dues
  • Free registration for MFDA seminars and conventions (limited to seminar fee only for MFDA Midwinter Conference).
  • Free ticketed and meal events at MFDA conventions planned for the general membership. Free registration and tickets would also apply for life for the spouses of 777 Club members.
  • A special gathering for 777 Club members during the MFDA Annual Convention.

Michigan Institute of Funeral Professionals (MIFP)

This program was charged during the Presidency of Mr. D. LEE MILLER (1995-1996) to develop and implement a voluntary continuing education program for the funeral service professionals. They have achieved that goal. The MIFP (Michigan Institute of Funeral Professionals) became a reality on January 1, 1997. For $50 you complete an application and begin your journey of accreditation in this program. It takes 20 credit hours earned within a two year period to become certified.

To receive accreditation, a program must fall within one of the following three categories of funeral service related content areas approved by the Michigan Institute of Funeral Professionals:

  1. Home Study and Education, which includes seminars, classes, workshops, college courses, supplier seminars, and published articles. Home readings and/or audio cassettes approved by the NFDA Learning Resource Center, Thanos, NFFS and other sources approved by the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice must include a follow-up content evaluation for each study. ( 10 CEU_s minimum)
  2. Professional Affiliation in funeral service organizations by attending state or national conventions, district meetings, midwinter conferences, or by serving as an elected officer or committee member at district, state or national level. (5 CEU_s minimum)
  3. Community Contact/Public Relations. Addressing organizations such as church groups, career days, hospice groups, and nursing home staff and/or involvement with church, civic, school or other organizations. (5 CEU_s minimum)

For information on becoming a part of the MIFP program, please call the offices of MFDA and speak with us about this program.

Please contact MFDA by e-mail or at 1-888-955-6332 for additional information on any of these programs.