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Abshier Appointed to AMA CPT Editorial Panel

Sarah Abshier, DPM, APMA’s CPT alternate advisor, was appointed to serve a four-year term representing the Health Care Professional Advisory Committee (HCPAC) on the CPT Editorial Panel. She is believed to be only the second podiatric physician and second female to serve in this capacity.

The CPT Editorial Panel is tasked with ensuring that CPT codes remain up to date and reflect the latest medical care provided to patients. The CPT Editorial Panel meets three times per year to create, delete, and modify the CPT code set through a series of processes involving many medical specialties. At these meetings, APMA attendees may caucus with related specialty groups, provide input on relevant codes, and participate in votes on proposed code changes.

Dr. Abshier’s term is effective at the conclusion of the February 2024 CPT Editorial Panel meeting and runs through the February 2028 CPT Editorial Panel meeting. She is eligible for an additional four-year term at that time contingent upon approval of the AMA Board of Trustees.

Dr. Abshier is in private practice in Columbus and is a board-certified wound care specialist. She is a past president of OHFAMA, serves as a director of the OHFAMA Foundation, and is co-chair of the 108th Annual Foot and Ankle Scientific Seminar Ohio. 

Dr. Abshier serves on the APMA Coding Committee and is an article reviewer for JAPMA. She has been a speaker and panelist on numerous webinars and has multiple publications on proper coding and billing.

Register to view a January APMA webinar on how CPT codes are created and valued.

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